Mérida is a city where culture shines and history is lived through its people, its streets and its monuments. Few are the cities in Mexico where so much cultural heritage is gathered. In the Yucatecan capital, Mayan and Spanish influences and traditional and modern styles are mixed.    

Here we present a list of 7 places to visit in Merida, in case you are in the city and want to know what makes this place so wonderful. Visiting them is a beautiful experience that you can enjoy throughout the year, in the seasons of holidays in Mexico you can find discounts.  

1. Park of the Americas  

There are those who consider the Park of the Americas to be one of the most beautiful in the city, and they are probably right. This park has more than half a century of history, and is divided into four sections. The first is where the imposing Mayan-style fountain dedicated to Kukulkan is located. In the second section is the famous José Martí Cultural Center. The third section is home to the acoustic shell. And finally, the fourth section is the fenced playground where the little ones can spend it to the maximum playing.    

2. Dzibilchaltun  

Yucatan is famous in the world for its archaeological zones and its imposing cenotes. Dzibilchaltún is one of the archaeological sites that make the state a historical jewel. Just a few minutes from the city center, it is a wonderful place where you will find ruins, dreamy landscapes and the cenote of Xlacah. The name of this place can be translated as “place where there are writings on flat stones” and its most famous constructions are the temple of the Seven Dolls and the ruins of a Franciscan chapel dating from the sixteenth century.    

3. Independence Square  

Also known as the Plaza Mayor or Plaza Grande, it is located in the heart of the historic center. This dates back to when the city was founded almost half a millennium ago. From this square you can see the Government Palace, the Cathedral of San Ildefonso and important museums. In the square itself you can listen to live music, rest on one of its old benches and even take a picture with its representative and colorful lyrics.    

4. Hidalgo Park  

On one side of the church of Jesus is this wonderful ancient enclosure. In Merida the sights are mostly majestic, but few have the simplicity and charm of Hidalgo Park. Its decoration, its white staircases and the solemn monument of Manuel Cepeda Peraza make this Yucatecan corner one of the most important places to visit in Mérida.    

5. Paseo Montejo  

The Paseo Montejo is marked as one of the most important avenues of Merida and is named in honor of one of the conquerors of Yucatan. Along the entire avenue are many of the most important buildings in the state, as well as the Museum of Anthropology and History and other beautiful architectural works of Baroque style.  

6. Art galleries  

As you may have already seen, Mérida is for many a place where art is the protagonist of everyday life. Proof of this is the large number of art galleries that you will find walking through the city center. These galleries will amaze those with an interest in classical, pre-Hispanic or contemporary art. Here you will find everything and some mergers that may surprise you. 

Visit Merida and fall in love with its architecture
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