Located in the south of the state of Nayarit, Sayulita is a small coastal area of ​​the Pacific Ocean with enormous beauty and charm. It is a place that combines two of the best things of the Mexican territory: a Magical Town and a beach. Full of color, nature, art, culture, food, world travelers and good vibes, it is one of the destinations that you should know for holidays in Mexico.

Without a doubt, it is a place that captivates every traveler who arrives. We leave you some reasons why you need to visit Sayulita this 2022:

-Surf paradise

This fascinating destination has earned the name of “the capital of surfing in Mexico”, as its incredible waves make it a perfect place to practice the sport. During the summer its beaches are filled with surfers from all over the world seeking to make the most of the waves that break evenly. Also, for those who want to learn to surf there are some schools.

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Beautiful beaches

Beyond the center, Sayulita has fabulous beaches of great beauty that you should know:

Playa Los Muertos, passing the cemetery on the hill you will find the fascinating landscapes of living nature. Playa Carricitos, a much quieter place away from the hustle and bustle, you must bring your own supplies as there are no bars or vendors.

Patzcuarito beach, totally beautiful and quiet. Getting there is not easy but once there it will be worth it to see its sunsets.


Sayulita has a magical setting full of colors and a bohemian atmosphere that will make you feel totally calm and peaceful to spend a few dream days. Walking through its narrow-cobbled streets and admiring its landscapes surrounded by vegetation will catch you. In addition, it has a very active nightlife, so if you are looking for a night out this is the place.


It is also ideal for art lovers, as local artists will surprise you with their unique pieces from the Huichol culture. There are a variety of galleries and shops where you can buy jewelry, clothing, handicrafts, paintings and surfboards.

On Fridays, a street market with local and regional products is set up on Avenida Revolución. We recommend you visit the Tananá Gallery (on the same avenue), a place to fill yourself with culture and acquire incredible pieces of jewelry.



The first week of February the Sayulita festival will be held with movies, music, food, and lots of fun. The traditional surfing contest will be held, where we can see some international athletes participating. The festival will end with an incredible electronic music party.

Do you already know Sayulita? Don’t wait any longer and launch this 2022 to live all the magic of it!

These are the reasons why you need to visit Sayulita in 2022
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