As we know, Holy Week is a religious festival that commemorates the passion and death of Jesus, it is celebrated in many countries of the world with particular customs and different traditions; Mexico is one of the countries with the greatest religious fervor in the world, there is no doubt that celebrations of this nature are very traditionalist and with a lot of long-standing popular roots.  

How to celebrate holidays in Mexico?  

In Mexico, Holy Week begins on Friday of Sorrows (a Friday before Holy Week), a day on which the pain of the Virgin Mary is commemorated for the loss of her son Jesus Christ, on this feast the fountains are adorned with colored flowers, fruits and flags of black, purple and white paper picado; likewise many houses adorn their altars and some open their doors to the neighbors so that they see these altars dedicated to the Virgin Mary, when one visits these altars in the houses they are cordially received with fruits, ice cream and soft drinks of lettuce, banana and orange, very traditional at this time.    

First Sunday 

Sunday or also called palms is the date on which it is commemorated when Jesus is proclaimed by his people the King of Israel and makes his entrance to Jerusalem. At this time in many places in Mexico it is customary to buy woven palms that are sold outside the churches or parishes, these palms are taken to bless the churches and are taken to the different pilgrimages that there are by the different places of the city and in many provinces, it could be said that all the churches of Mexico participate in this ceremony.    


Holy Thursday is the date where the Last Supper is remembered, in many churches and parishes the passage of when Jesus washed the feet of the 12 apostles is staged, that day countless processions leave, the churches adorn their altars with flowers, fruits, flags and candles. Some people start fasting and others stop eating all kinds of red meat.  


Holy Friday is the day that the Way of the Cross is remembered, also in some this passage of the life of Jesus is staged, the processions continue, some congregations go out with their traditional habits and it is a national custom not to eat red meat.    


On the Saturday of Glory, the celebrations begin later, it is celebrated at night “The new fire”, this is done in a small procession carrying a representative light accompanied by prayers, this is done until reaching the church that will be illuminated with this light candle by candle, there are many churches around Mexico that follow this fascinating tradition.    


Easter Sunday or Resurrection is a more popular holiday, in some places paper dolls are burned representing Judas, who betrayed Jesus, for a few years also figures of characters repudiated by the people who are burned next to Judas.  

This ends the most important festival of the Catholic-Christian calendar in one of the most fervent and religious countries of the world, you cannot miss the traditional Mexican Holy Week, meet our lodging packages

The holy week in Mexico
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