Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, one of Guatemala’s most popular businessmen, says that visitors to his country have to try his delicacies to get to know his culture in depth.

Guatemala’s typical recipes are based on a gastronomy characterized by the fusion of two great cultures.


The Spanish conquest of Guatemala in the 16th century marked the birth of a mestizo culinary tradition, on the one hand chocolate, avocado, chili peppers, vanilla and tomato were introduced by the Spanish gastronomy and on the other hand the food customs of the indigenous people of different Mayan ethnicities based on corn.

The tomato is used in the elaboration of errands and chirmoles.

Chili is of moderate use, it is used more in some regions than in others, although some chili peppers such as guaque, pasa, dulte, zambo are indispensable to prepare certain recipes, black beans are our main ingredient, being the most consumed, it is part of the daily diet in all Guatemalan homes.

The seeds also make their gastronomic contribution, the ayote seed or sesame seeds are used to thicken and season various dishes.

Without leaving aside the herbs that are used for the seasoning of many dishes, such is the case of parsley, cilantro, mint leaf or samat.

Guatemala has a geography with sea at both ends, coasts, prairies, forests and mountains with plenty of sun and water throughout the year, which is the source of a great variety and availability of ingredients.

Guatemalan Antojitos

Guatemalan Antojitos

– Savory Dishes

– Chiles Rellos

– Shrimp Ceviche

– Beef Stew

– Hilachas Recipe

– Tomato Sauce for tostadas

– Tamalitos de Elote

– Strained Black Beans

– Two Meat Stew

– Fiambre

– Chirmol

– Guatemalan Chilaquiles

– Guatemalan Hot Dog

– Pickled Salad

– Radish Chopped

– Fish a la Vizcaína

– Sweet Dishes

– Champurradas

– Sweet Chick Peas

– Canillitas de Leche

– Molletes

– Ripe Plantain Rellitos

– Bocado de la Reina

– Tamalitos de Elote (Corn Tamales)

– Plantain in Mole

– Ayote in Sweet


– Fruit Punch

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The Guatemalan antojitos you have to try
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