Mexico City is the capital of the United Mexican States and its political and economic center as well as cultural and educational. Initially founded by the Aztecs under the name of Tenochtitlán in the year 1325 as reported by historians. Later in 1585 with the arrival of the Spaniards it is already known by its current name.

It has a warm climate most of the year, but in winter it cools down, as the temperature drops a few degrees. Its surface reaches 1495 square kilometers. The Benito Juárez International Airport receives flights from several world capitals. It also has an excellent road network that allows interconnection with other towns in the Mexican territory.

It is a very cultured city: it is the one that has the most museums in the entire American continent and ranks second after London in this matter. Another detail that you should know is that the city is located two thousand kilometers above sea level, so some people may feel short of breath when landing. This usually happens after a few hours.

Among the main tourist attractions to travel to Mexico City are religious centers such as the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. A place to spend the night during your trip to the capital is the “Hotel Catedral”, which has a location close to tourist sites and charming environments within its facilities.

Below you will see the most beautiful places that you should take into account on your trip to Mexico City.


Pirámides de Teotihuacan

In the Nahuatl language, Teotihuacán means city of the gods. It is one of the largest archaeological centers in the world, and therefore one of the best places to visit in Mexico City. But it is a mysterious space because its original inhabitants are unknown. Its ruins were found by the Aztecs, in the middle of the 15th century.

From Mexico City there are bus routes every 15 minutes to the World Archaeological Center; the journey takes an hour and a half. The transport has a schedule from six in the morning to 10 at night and includes return to the capital city.

In Teotihuacán the visitor will be able to see the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. At 63 meters high, the Pyramid of the Sun stands as the tallest building in the area. While the Pyramid of the Moon is the second largest in the area. These places have platforms where these pre-Columbian cultures are supposed to worship their gods. You can tour the site with a map that will serve as a guide to make the tour.


Xochimilco will remind you of Venice with its obvious differences. And this is because it is an environment consisting of a network of water channels which is navigated by boats. In Xochimilco, tourists can see its beautiful gardens planted on the sides of these canals.

Xochimilco is located southeast of Mexico City and you can get there by car, or by taking the city metro. The trip lasts about an hour. Xochimilco is one of the tourist attractions of Mexico, precisely because of those tours on barges called trajineras in the style of Venetian gondolas. You can visit some artificial islands called chinampas where the countrymen grow flowers and vegetables.

When you are already in the middle of the tour, do not be surprised if other boats full of street vendors approach offering food and drinks, among which the “michelada” stands out: a very cold beer mixed with lemon juice and Tabasco sauce and chili. Certainly, spicy but refreshes from the heat. To eat they sell the typical tacos and corn tortillas.


Castillo de Chapultepec

Chapultepec Castle was built around 1785 and 1787 by order of Viceroy Bernardo de Gálvez as a rest house in the woods of the same name. Later and with the arrival of Emperor Maximilian of Hapsburg in 1864 to Mexico, it was designated as his official residence. Currently the National Museum of History works there.

It opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. If you are on vacation in Mexico, you cannot miss it. Your entry is completely free on holidays. You can wait for a very nice little train that is located near Line one of the Metro and in 16 minutes you will have arrived at the entrance of the only royal castle in the American continent. You can hire the service of a guide who will take you on a tour or use a map to get to the site.

In the space you can see, for example, the Frenchified air of the rooms of the president of Mexico during the 1900 era, Porfirio Díaz and his wife, because that environment also functioned as a presidential residence. It should be added that here you can find the memory of that country from the arrival of the Spanish in Tenochtitlan to the Mexican Revolution.

You should know that it has 12 exhibition rooms continues the Mexican past. The “Hotel Four Season Hotel Mexico City” is one of the best in the city where reservations are recommended. From its rooms you can see the castle and the gardens that surround it. It offers an excellent breakfast buffet and a gym.

The Best Tourist Places in Mexico City to visit this 2022
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