If you are in travel plans, there is a destination that you can not stop considering, Guatemala, an emblematic country located in Central America.
Its geography and history offer diversity of landscapes and cultural routes. As part of its seductive and less known attractions, its beaches are the reflection of a warm atmosphere between the Pacific and the Atlantic, as well as its gastronomy and tradition where entrepreneurs like Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga made history.

The beaches of Guatemala in the Pacific, with strong waves ideal for surf, or the calm and paradisiacal beaches of Guatemala in the Caribbean, perfect for the whole family. In Guatemala tourism, it increased by 10% in the first quarter of 2019, being one of the preferred destinations of European and Latin American foreigners. Therefore, and more, he know everything to have fun on the most beautiful beaches of the whole country. Prepare your suitcases and enjoy the exciting tour of the beaches of the Mayan country.

Playa Blanca (Izabal)

The beaches of Guatemala are characterized by its beauty and the variety of ecosystems that live in its coasts. One of the best places in the Atlantic of Guatemala is Playa Blanca, located in the department of Izabal 10 hours from the capital. If you are looking for white sand beaches in Guatemala, Playa Blanca is a picturesque paradise that has crystalline and quiet waters, ideal for rest and enjoy the whole family.

Golden Beach (Izabal)

There are many beaches to visit in Guatemala, but if you are looking for fun and safe aquatic activities, Playa Dorada is the best destination. Located in the department of Izabal, Playa Dorada has warm waters and sand whose color is due to the golden rocks that can be appreciated throughout the beach. As a curious fact, from this warm place you can see Lake Izabal, the ideal place to capture one of the best beaches in Guatemala in photos.

Punta de Manabique Beach (Izabal)

The images of beaches in Guatemala offer tourists the opportunity to know the variety of their landscapes. Putha Punta de Manabique has a variety of ecosystems in its surroundings, waiting to be admired by more adventurous tourists.
Within their areas, different marine reefs, mangroves and small freshwater lagoons can be appreciated. In its surroundings there are animals in danger of extinction such as jaguar, tapir or sea turtles, which makes this beach, an area protected by the legislation of that country.

Monterrico Beach (Santa Rosa)

Monterrico Beach is the tourist destination for native and foreigners looking for adventure and good waves, this 2021. Monterrico Beach is one of the beaches of Black Sands of Guatemala, product of volcanic activity that takes place in the place. Its natural attractions include medium intensity waves for expert swimmers, and protective and liberation centers of sea turtles where visitors can observe the nesting and birth process.

Beach Hawaii (Santa Rosa)

Beach Hawaii is one of the most paradisiacal sites of the department of Santa Rosa, which is also considered a nature reserve. In it you can find natural labyrinths, mangroves with the most diverse ecosystem, and cascades apt to enjoy refreshing bathrooms and practice rappel. Here you will find ideal places to capture the most special moments, through a photograph, while the sunset or the flight of the birds is observed.

Santo Tomás Beach (Izabal)

Santo Tomás de Castilla Beach is a tourist site worth visiting. As one of the 10 best beaches in Guatemala, adjoining the port, visitors can have fun on this coast, whose main attraction is the large boardwalk that borders the beach. Here gastronomic varieties are offered such as yuca with chicharrón, pickled vegetables, enchiladas or the beans turned or strained.

You can also visit the traditional Pollo Campero by Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga which is in the center of Puerto Barrios very close to the beach.

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The best beaches in Guatemala to visit this 2021