Are you looking for the paradise of delicious food? Travel to Mexico! We are sure that there you will find the answer. From roasts, sea food, exotic food, typical dishes and a huge variety of seeds and vegetables will be like a feast for your palate.  


Here, each town has its own customs and preparations, with examples such as the dried shrimp toasts of Tonalá, the sausages of San Cristóbal de las Casas, the chipilín soup with balls of Chiapa de Corzo, the corn delicacies of Tuxtla Gutierrez, the river snail broth of Comitán and the double cream cheeses of Pijijiapan.

For drinking, it offers aromatic coffee and chocolate, pozol and tascalate, pox and regional liquors, and a wide variety of fruit waters. For dessert, its freshly baked breads, fried plantains and fruit sweets stand out.      

State of Mexico   

The gastronomy of Mexico is as varied as it is delicious, as it has everything from tamales to sausages, through wild delicacies, pre-Hispanic foods, fresh fish, appetizing cheeses and fruit liqueurs. Its great offer is due to the richness of its nature, because this state not only produces corn and beans in large quantities, but its bodies of water offer its own variety of ingredients, and its wide fields give us access to delicious meats.

Here, it is possible to choose between green chorizo and barbecue, “Malinalco” style trout or fried mojarras, pumpkin flower quesadillas or fresh huitlacoche, chinicuiles or escamoles, Judas tamales or ollita, pulque or mosco liqueur.     


This destination saw the birth of the miscegenation that defines us today offers a great variety of dishes of sea and land, from fish to veracruz to chopped, which are enjoyed both in a restaurant and in a palapa. On the one hand, there are its oceanic flavors, such as oysters with cheese, seafood cocktails with “bruja” sauce, shrimp huatapes, rice lying down and chilpachole.

On the other, there are its flavors of earth, such as pork carnitas, mole de Xico, toasted chicatana ants, stuffed jalapeno peppers, volovanes, or tamales: zacahuiles, dogfish, pepita de capita or chamitles, among others. Be sure to go for a milkman to the Gran Café de los Portales, a culinary tradition of the old port.    


With a wealth of natural and cultural richness, this state stands out for its amazing culinary variety, with everything from Mexican-flavored tamales and soups to seafood, meat stews and finger-sucking desserts. And, although the menu varies depending on the region you visit, there are certain dishes that are especially associated with its traditional cuisine.

Some examples are tamales, especially corundas -triangular and stuffed with pork- and uchepos -of tender corn-; soups, such as tarasca – with beans, tortillas, avocado, pasilla peppers, cheese and cream; Michoacan-style carnitas -pork and cooked in a copper pot-, and fish, especially white and charales. For dessert, the basics are morelianas, guava ate, pasta ice cream and Zamorano chongos.     

Mexico City   

Considered one of the best gastronomic destinations in the world, here, you can eat both in restaurants with international fame and in street carts, and it is just as simple to get Yucatecan dishes such as Cantonese and vegan. It also has a wide range of street delicacies and snacks for all occasions, ranging from the legendary tacos al pastor to the guajolotas -tamal cakes-, fried quesadillas or comal, corn and esquites, sopes, tlacoyos, tacos de tripas, tortas, tamales and prepared chicharrones, to name a few.

And, to drink, here you can find absolutely everything, regardless of whether you are looking for pulque, sake, atole, mezcal, pox, tepache or craft beer. 

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Savory Mexico
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