Taking a trip is always a reason for joy, especially when it is for leisure and not for obligation, commitments, or business… However, some anxiety, uncertainty and “fear” can lurk when it is our first solo trip. If very soon you will make a trip by yourself or by yourself and you still do not know whether to be happy about it or continue thinking that “you are crazy” for having made this decision, do not worry, here we are going to give you a series of tips that can help you.

These tips and recommendations if it is your first solo trip will help you feel more comfortable not only traveling but also to enjoy those previous moments of nerves and good excitement before traveling. Traveling should be a beautiful, comforting and above all very pleasant experience. Don’t let fear or uncertainty paralyze you if this is your first solo trip.


  • Collect information

Before your trip and several weeks in advance, long before, for example, booking a hotel or choosing a specific travel date, collect a lot of information about the destination you have chosen. It is not enough just to know the weather that it will be in that place on the dates in which we go, it is much more than that. You should find out about:

  1. Travel guides.
  2. Websites and forums of travelers who have passed through that location and have experiences (both positive and negative).
  3. What dates do you have available to make the trip and therefore what city or cities will you visit: if you will stay in the same place throughout the trip, if you will move, how should you do it, etc.
  • Create an itinerary

For everything, having a good organization is almost proclaiming a guaranteed success, and in terms of travel and programming it was not going to be less. It is good to leave time for possible unforeseen events that also usually turn out quite well, what is not expected, but we must have almost everything previously controlled and measured in terms of time.

  1. Choose which cities you will visit during which time.
  2. What monuments and tourist sites will you see at what time.
  3. Make your itinerary in an organized and flexible way.

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  • Book in advance

You reserve certain things well in advance, such as the means of transport you will choose (train, plane, ship…) is a wild card that we already have and that should not worry us in the long run as the date of the trip approaches.

If we leave these reserves for the last, two things can happen:

  1. May we be very lucky and not only manage to book but also do it at a good price.
  2. That we are left without any possibility of making that trip that we wanted to do so much for not having planned the relevant reservations beforehand.
  • Trust yourself and your judgment

As we said a few paragraphs before, traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences we can have, therefore you must live that trip in a pleasant way. If you have previously informed yourself about everything related to the place you are visiting, if you have organized your trip in a coherent and flexible way, it does not matter if you go alone or accompanied, it will be fine! And if not, trust your judgment, trust yourself and your ability to solve problems and/or difficulties.


  • Pack a reasonable bag

Make your suitcase carry just what you need but also what is necessary . If you go alone and with clear intentions of exploring the city or cities you visit, it will do you no good to wear a suit jacket, tie or “tidy up” shoes: wear t-shirts, sports shoes, vests, etc., and all very much in keeping with the weather. on that site at that time.

On the internet you can find a thousand and one ways to fit a lot of clothes into your suitcase without having to tighten or break zippers, especially in videos. Search, search!

  • Take photos yes, but live the trip

It is good to take photos, to have frozen images that remind us for years that we were in that city and that we had a great time, but isn’t it more important to have the memory and the full and total sensations of that joy in our memory?

Many times, we lose details of experiences, especially on trips, just to take a picture hugging that famous statue or trying to “grasp” the Tower of Pisa… Taking pictures is fine and ideal, but pay more attention to the moment and what you live. Sometimes we need to leave the camera o cellphone because the place need attention. When you travel to Mexico, you need to aprecciate all the details in the streets.

We hope that this series of tips that we offer you today will help you take that step to make a solo trip. The experience can be wonderful!

Recommendations for your first solo trip
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