Cancun is a wonderful place to visit with family. There are numerous options where you can go and enjoy your trip. It is famous because of its natural beauty and you can go to the historical places to visit in Cancun with kids and family or even friends. As it is a very beautiful tourism destination, you can always use the hotels in Cancun for your stay. This will not only help you to reduce your travelling costs, but it will help you to have more time to explore this beauty of nature.

Places to visit in Cancun

There are many beautiful historical places to visit in Cancun with kids. But not only historical places. There are also many beautiful beaches and resorts which can add a lot of better experience to your family trip. We can say that Cancun is the place which is a complete enjoyment package from historical places to modern world fu and food. Some of the most famous historical places are discussed below.

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Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza

This place near Mexico was settled by Mayans about 1000 years ago. There are many statues here and some buildings with a 30-meter tall El-Castillo. This is one of the most known and most famous pyramids of the country. Almost no tourist wants to miss this place on their tour to Mexico or Cancun.

El Rey Maya Ruins

This archeological site is just a few minutes away from Cancun. This place was built after AD 900 also by the Mayans. The Ruins include the remains of almost 47 buildings with many tombs. This place is worth visiting because of its natural beauty and inexpensive packages for visiting it.

El Meco Archeological site

This was inhibited around AD 300. It was prominent for the time when it was the Mayan trade center from the 1100s and this place came to a major decline when the Spanish came here in 16th century. The main attraction of this place is the 12.5-meter-tall pyramid which is the remains of a temple.


There are also some very famous museums in Cancun. One main attraction in this field is the underwater museum. Its ae is Cancun national marine park and it was built in 2009 and it has underwater galleries which are submerged at 3-6 meter of depths. There are almost 500 or more thin 500 sculptures and artifacts which are spread among the underwater galleries.  There is another museum known as Maya Museum. It is located in the center of the city and it has almost 350 artifacts and some of those are said to be more than 14000 years old. This museum discretely displays the history of Mayan culture and crafts and many of them are very interesting for kids which mostly include arts and crafts.

These were some of the most famous historical places which you can visit with ease. You can stay in hotels in Cancun to make all these places easily accessible. Apart form these historical places, there are also many beautiful places like parks, animal parks, beach resorts and beautiful beaches.


At the end we can say that if you are going to Cancun for a family trip, you will be surely amused by the beauty of this place. Not only this, your budget will also ne me disturbed if you choose hotels in Cancun. They will provide you with easy access to the whole place and there are many historical places in Cancun to visit with kids. They will not only amuse the kids, but also leave you with memories for life.

Places to visit in Cancun with kids