Things to do in San Miguel de Allende

We present the activities that you cannot miss during your next holidays in Mexico. From buying crafts, delighting in its architecture, jazz evenings and dancing with mojigangas are just some of the good ideas. Are you missing any?

In 2008, UNESCO awarded the designation of Heritage City for its historical richness and for that particular environment. Here we present you 10 things to do in San Miguel de Allende.

  1. Walk around the city

Walk through the streets of the city and admire the colonial architecture of its beautiful buildings. You will understand why San Miguel de Allende is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico.

  1. Go to the parish

Visit the parish of San Miguel Arcángel, a symbol of the city, erected at the end of the 17th century. Do not miss a detail of its striking neo-Gothic style façade, designed by master Ceferino Gutiérrez and superimposed around 1880.

  1. Buy crafts

Visit the Mercado de Artesanías and in the walker Lucas Balderas acquires one (or several) of the typical handicrafts in brass and natural, copper-plated, and decorated sheet that are offered in the place.

  1. Know the history

If you are interested in history, you cannot miss the former Municipal Palace , built in 1736. On the landing of its stairs you can see the figures of Miguel Hidalgo and Ignacio Allende. It was here that the first City Hall of independent Mexico was installed in 1810.


Tips for traveling to Mexico

Many people from other countries plan their trips to Mexico to get to know a little about the culture, gastronomy and life of Mexicans in one of the largest cities in the world.

Before the trip to Mexico

Do not travel without first reading a little about the history of Mexico. This is recommended for any destination, to know its past is to understand its present and its customs. In order not to drive you too crazy, here is a brief summary of the history of Mexico.

We always recommend scanning your documents (passport, travel insurance, reservations…) and uploading them to Drive or sending them by email. If you lose the originals (knock on wood), at least you will have a copy always accessible. Well, the best thing is that you don’t lose them.

If you are going to rent a car, get your international license. Based on what was investigated, Mexico is NOT one of the countries where you can drive with a Spanish driver’s license.


Visa and legal procedures to enter Mexico

Do I need a visa to travel to Mexico? It depends on your nationality, obviously. We Spaniards and Italians do not have to process anything: upon arrival, if our passport is valid for at least 6 months, they will grant us entry into the country for 90 days.

Before arriving in Mexico, on the same plane they will give you the immigration form. It is divided into two parts, the upper part is torn off and handed over to the authorities upon arrival, but the lower part must be kept throughout your trip, as they will ask for it when you leave the country. We understand that if you don’t have it you will have to request a duplicate and it is not something that they give you in 2 minutes… better take care of it and not lose it!

palacio de bellas artes

Safety and health in Mexico

The question that we receive most often during this trip is, without a doubt: Is it safe to travel to Mexico? It is clear that there are areas (especially border areas) that suffer from various problems that are not a matter of analysis now… But as for the Yucatan Peninsula, we can tell you that we did not feel insecure even once. It is a very touristic area and the government itself is the first interested in keeping it safe. Lots of police patrols were seen around and people were generally very friendly.

Another essential tip for travel to Mexico is to hire good travel insurance. In Mexico there are very good private hospitals, with your travel insurance you will be covered with guarantees for any mishap.

Advantages of scheduling in advance

We know that you like to plan your vacations in the best way to avoid unforeseen events, which is why today we want to give you the best advice so that you can book with excellent prices and time is an important factor.

Tourism is currently experiencing a situation never seen before and for the same reason, great promotions and excellent prices are being offered. So do not miss the following information that will not only be useful for this year!

see through the window

Why book in advance?

The first advantage is the price, here the demand is not yet high but availability, on the contrary, is, in this way we can find low prices and discounts for advance purchase that travel agencies usually handle.

The next advantage is peace of mind, as you have the security that your services are already guaranteed with the ease of paying a small part of the total amount, which will give you the opportunity to organize every aspect of your trip without any problem.

Another advantage is that when you plan to make your reservation well in advance, you will have the opportunity to divide your payments in a way that is affordable for you to make them, and in this way, it will facilitate the payment without the need to go into debt to travel.

Currently many tourist destinations are offering incredible prices to travel this year or the next, so you could pay little by little. For example, if you want to flight to one mexico tourist destinations, your flight could have discount and you would finish to pay before your trip.

man with computer

Why make an advance reservation, if close to the date of my trip I will find the last-minute offers?

At some point this question goes through our minds, thinking, there are last minute offers that are very good opportunities, but we lose sight of the fact that these options must be paid in full at the time of booking, but not only that, if you If you are interested, you should hurry to make the purchase as they tend to sell out very easily because they are the last places available or due to last minute cancellation.

If you plan to travel in a group, we take into account that you will look for the cheapest and it is for this reason that we give you the following advice: quadruple rooms are sold out quite easily in hotels since there are few that have this capacity, so by reserving it in advance you ensure its availability and price.

The Best Tourist Places in Mexico City to visit this 2022

Mexico City is the capital of the United Mexican States and its political and economic center as well as cultural and educational. Initially founded by the Aztecs under the name of Tenochtitlán in the year 1325 as reported by historians. Later in 1585 with the arrival of the Spaniards it is already known by its current name.

It has a warm climate most of the year, but in winter it cools down, as the temperature drops a few degrees. Its surface reaches 1495 square kilometers. The Benito Juárez International Airport receives flights from several world capitals. It also has an excellent road network that allows interconnection with other towns in the Mexican territory.

It is a very cultured city: it is the one that has the most museums in the entire American continent and ranks second after London in this matter. Another detail that you should know is that the city is located two thousand kilometers above sea level, so some people may feel short of breath when landing. This usually happens after a few hours.

Among the main tourist attractions to travel to Mexico City are religious centers such as the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. A place to spend the night during your trip to the capital is the “Hotel Catedral”, which has a location close to tourist sites and charming environments within its facilities.

Below you will see the most beautiful places that you should take into account on your trip to Mexico City.


Pirámides de Teotihuacan

In the Nahuatl language, Teotihuacán means city of the gods. It is one of the largest archaeological centers in the world, and therefore one of the best places to visit in Mexico City. But it is a mysterious space because its original inhabitants are unknown. Its ruins were found by the Aztecs, in the middle of the 15th century.

From Mexico City there are bus routes every 15 minutes to the World Archaeological Center; the journey takes an hour and a half. The transport has a schedule from six in the morning to 10 at night and includes return to the capital city.

In Teotihuacán the visitor will be able to see the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. At 63 meters high, the Pyramid of the Sun stands as the tallest building in the area. While the Pyramid of the Moon is the second largest in the area. These places have platforms where these pre-Columbian cultures are supposed to worship their gods. You can tour the site with a map that will serve as a guide to make the tour.


Xochimilco will remind you of Venice with its obvious differences. And this is because it is an environment consisting of a network of water channels which is navigated by boats. In Xochimilco, tourists can see its beautiful gardens planted on the sides of these canals.

Xochimilco is located southeast of Mexico City and you can get there by car, or by taking the city metro. The trip lasts about an hour. Xochimilco is one of the tourist attractions of Mexico, precisely because of those tours on barges called trajineras in the style of Venetian gondolas. You can visit some artificial islands called chinampas where the countrymen grow flowers and vegetables.

When you are already in the middle of the tour, do not be surprised if other boats full of street vendors approach offering food and drinks, among which the “michelada” stands out: a very cold beer mixed with lemon juice and Tabasco sauce and chili. Certainly, spicy but refreshes from the heat. To eat they sell the typical tacos and corn tortillas.


Castillo de Chapultepec

Chapultepec Castle was built around 1785 and 1787 by order of Viceroy Bernardo de Gálvez as a rest house in the woods of the same name. Later and with the arrival of Emperor Maximilian of Hapsburg in 1864 to Mexico, it was designated as his official residence. Currently the National Museum of History works there.

It opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon. If you are on vacation in Mexico, you cannot miss it. Your entry is completely free on holidays. You can wait for a very nice little train that is located near Line one of the Metro and in 16 minutes you will have arrived at the entrance of the only royal castle in the American continent. You can hire the service of a guide who will take you on a tour or use a map to get to the site.

In the space you can see, for example, the Frenchified air of the rooms of the president of Mexico during the 1900 era, Porfirio Díaz and his wife, because that environment also functioned as a presidential residence. It should be added that here you can find the memory of that country from the arrival of the Spanish in Tenochtitlan to the Mexican Revolution.

You should know that it has 12 exhibition rooms continues the Mexican past. The “Hotel Four Season Hotel Mexico City” is one of the best in the city where reservations are recommended. From its rooms you can see the castle and the gardens that surround it. It offers an excellent breakfast buffet and a gym.

Recommendations for your first solo trip

Taking a trip is always a reason for joy, especially when it is for leisure and not for obligation, commitments, or business… However, some anxiety, uncertainty and “fear” can lurk when it is our first solo trip. If very soon you will make a trip by yourself or by yourself and you still do not know whether to be happy about it or continue thinking that “you are crazy” for having made this decision, do not worry, here we are going to give you a series of tips that can help you.

These tips and recommendations if it is your first solo trip will help you feel more comfortable not only traveling but also to enjoy those previous moments of nerves and good excitement before traveling. Traveling should be a beautiful, comforting and above all very pleasant experience. Don’t let fear or uncertainty paralyze you if this is your first solo trip.


  • Collect information

Before your trip and several weeks in advance, long before, for example, booking a hotel or choosing a specific travel date, collect a lot of information about the destination you have chosen. It is not enough just to know the weather that it will be in that place on the dates in which we go, it is much more than that. You should find out about:

  1. Travel guides.
  2. Websites and forums of travelers who have passed through that location and have experiences (both positive and negative).
  3. What dates do you have available to make the trip and therefore what city or cities will you visit: if you will stay in the same place throughout the trip, if you will move, how should you do it, etc.
  • Create an itinerary

For everything, having a good organization is almost proclaiming a guaranteed success, and in terms of travel and programming it was not going to be less. It is good to leave time for possible unforeseen events that also usually turn out quite well, what is not expected, but we must have almost everything previously controlled and measured in terms of time.

  1. Choose which cities you will visit during which time.
  2. What monuments and tourist sites will you see at what time.
  3. Make your itinerary in an organized and flexible way.

women in the yard

  • Book in advance

You reserve certain things well in advance, such as the means of transport you will choose (train, plane, ship…) is a wild card that we already have and that should not worry us in the long run as the date of the trip approaches.

If we leave these reserves for the last, two things can happen:

  1. May we be very lucky and not only manage to book but also do it at a good price.
  2. That we are left without any possibility of making that trip that we wanted to do so much for not having planned the relevant reservations beforehand.
  • Trust yourself and your judgment

As we said a few paragraphs before, traveling is one of the most wonderful experiences we can have, therefore you must live that trip in a pleasant way. If you have previously informed yourself about everything related to the place you are visiting, if you have organized your trip in a coherent and flexible way, it does not matter if you go alone or accompanied, it will be fine! And if not, trust your judgment, trust yourself and your ability to solve problems and/or difficulties.


  • Pack a reasonable bag

Make your suitcase carry just what you need but also what is necessary . If you go alone and with clear intentions of exploring the city or cities you visit, it will do you no good to wear a suit jacket, tie or “tidy up” shoes: wear t-shirts, sports shoes, vests, etc., and all very much in keeping with the weather. on that site at that time.

On the internet you can find a thousand and one ways to fit a lot of clothes into your suitcase without having to tighten or break zippers, especially in videos. Search, search!

  • Take photos yes, but live the trip

It is good to take photos, to have frozen images that remind us for years that we were in that city and that we had a great time, but isn’t it more important to have the memory and the full and total sensations of that joy in our memory?

Many times, we lose details of experiences, especially on trips, just to take a picture hugging that famous statue or trying to “grasp” the Tower of Pisa… Taking pictures is fine and ideal, but pay more attention to the moment and what you live. Sometimes we need to leave the camera o cellphone because the place need attention. When you travel to Mexico, you need to aprecciate all the details in the streets.

We hope that this series of tips that we offer you today will help you take that step to make a solo trip. The experience can be wonderful!

Tips that will help you find cheap plane tickets

If your next vacation requires a plane trip or for convenience you prefer a flight, here we mention the best tricks

One of the best moments for many people is when they spend their time traveling, relaxing with family, partner or friends, no matter the destination you choose, this could be summer in Mexico or any place of the world are ideal to get away from everyday stress. and to get to know the Mexican beaches, some Magical Town, forests, deserts, jungles, or to carry out different sports activities such as hiking, mountain biking or surfing. Without a doubt, there are many destinations you can go to, but sometimes our budget is limited, or you prefer to make smart purchases, so here are the best tricks to buy cheap flights and travel more than you intend.

guy in the computaer

If you plan to travel by plane, but your trip is unexpected, with little time to organize or you simply want to make a smart purchase to save money, you should consider that there are several opportunities to buy a cheap plane ticket, that’s right, there are tips that you must follow to be able to have an incredible vacation without paying so much money. Some of these tips are very basic and will not take you more than five minutes to implement, just as there are others that you must implement with the help of technology.

1.Delete cookies from your computer

Cookies are a file that each website has to collect data in order to make your following searches faster, which means that it has registered this data, saving your settings. You must completely delete the cookies, so the best prices will appear and not those saved by the algorithm of the web pages. Another extra recommendation is to do your searches from the incognito window.

  1. Use comparators

Thanks to technology, you can now access various sites or mobile applications that will help you compare all the airlines in the market, although not all of them are good. So you should try different sites, compare prices, since sometimes there are websites that have agreements with certain airlines.

women with computer

  1. Travel the cheapest days

According to frequent travelers, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the perfect days to travel, but it is not provable, but there is logic. The preferred days to travel are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so prices are higher. It is important that you review the option of upcoming dates to see the price of the day and evaluate which one suits you.

  1. Check airline promotions

Occasionally the airlines have their special sales, you will have to schedule when they occur to buy flights at a lower price such as the Good End, Hot Sale, among others, but it is important that you check frequently if there are promotions for special dates or for new routes in their social networks official or web pages.

  1. Flexible with the destination

You can search for flights in different places, in case there is more than one airport, this could help you make your flight cheaper. Although you should also know that there are seasons of the year where certain destinations are at a good price, both nationally and internationally; so, this defines if you travel to a destination or another of your interest with a lower price.

check with my girlfriend

Incredible Hotels Around the World

Local minibars, Bluetooth speakers, and custom toiletries. Increasingly, hotels are stocking their rooms with luxury facilities and the latest technology to draw reservations. But for many travelers, there’s one feature that trumps pillow menus, LCD TVs, and everything else: a balcony. After all, is there anything better than watching the sun rise or set? Or just get some fresh air? It’s nice to have extras in the room, but they just can’t compete. Of course, not all balconies are cut from the same cloth. These are some of the best hotel balconies we’ve seen, from Big Sur to Bangkok.

Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia

hotel luxury

There are hotel rooms in the world, then there are the Jade Mountain rooms. Called “sanctuaries,” rooms at Jade Mountain feature an innovative three-wall design (something many hotels have tried to emulate) that opens up the space to the elements. Those elements, by the way, are views of the Pitons, the lush rainforest, and the Caribbean Sea. Where the fourth walls should be, there are stone platforms with cushioned armchairs and minimal railing to maximize the view. All 29 sanctuaries have hot tubs or infinity pools that extend into the outside world. The pools are covered with luminous glass tiles and fiber optic lights, for nighttime swimming under the stars.

Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza


This secluded boutique offers the most spectacular views of the Mediterranean in Ibiza. Set amidst pine forests and dramatic rocky cliffs that drop sharply into the sea, the property focuses on tranquil luxury and stunning ocean views. All 77 rooms and suites feature furnished balconies or terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in the outdoors. Eden Rooms adds lush garden terraces with pergola, sun loungers, wicker chairs, and plunge pools.

Belmond Hotel Caruso, Amalfi Coast

belmond hotel

Housed in an 11th-century palace, the Belmond Hotel Caruso sits dramatically at the highest point in Ravello, some 1,000 feet above the Tyrrhenian Sea. Naturally, the architecture takes full advantage of the delete configuration. Arches and floor-to-ceiling windows look out over the turquoise sea, terraced gardens, or the village. Flower-draped brick balconies extend from most of the 50 rooms and suites, some of which also have private gardens with olive trees.

The Resort in Pedregal, Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is an elite resort town on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, known for its famously beautiful coastline and long list of luxury hotels. At the top of that list is The Resort at Pedregal, a romantic boutique hotel so secluded it’s accessed via a private tunnel through the base of rugged mountains and somewhere can feel the sun and the vibes of the summer in Mexico. The cliffside property was designed to ensure splendid ocean views from nearly every vantage point, including each of its more than 100 guest rooms and suites. Rooms have huge furnished balconies, all of which include a pool with ocean views. (The beachfront casitas even have lawns, pools, and fire pits.) The balconies are especially rewarding during whale-watching season (January through March, but particularly March). Binoculars are provided.

Magical towns: Do you know Cuetzalan, Puebla?

Holidays in Mexico are getting closer, the most anticipated days off of the year; today we tell you about Cuetzalan a Magical Town of Puebla that stands out as one of the most beautiful in all of Mexico; do not miss the opportunity to meet it and live an unforgettable experience.    

Many of its visitors say that Cuetzalan seems to be taken from a fairy tale; it is hidden among waterfalls, underground rivers, ruins and grottoes that characterize it. Among its labyrinthine streets and beautiful facades, its inhabitants offer the best of welcomes to visitors. According to information taken from mexico’s tourism page, this destination is where one of Mexico’s most important birds was born; the Quetzal.    

Traveling to Cuetzalan, Puebla, is to venture into its culture, traditions and rituals, which bring the past to the present and show that they have managed to keep each of their traditions intact. One of the most outstanding tourist attractions are Los Voladores or Danza de los Quetzales, which was considered by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.    

What to do when visiting Cuetzalan, Puebla?  

An unmissable walk is to walk through its emblematic cobbled streets, where you can breathe nature and tranquility. During the weekends, many go to the traditional market located in the main square to put into practice pre-Hispanic traditions, such as barter or change of local products avoiding using money, a good option to start an adventure in this Magical Town of Puebla.     

Google also recommends visiting the House of Culture of Cuetzalan, an old house that currently houses the Calmahuistic Ethnographic Museum, where you can learn more about the history in the pre-Hispanic era of the town. Another unmissable and highly recommended place is the Temple of San Francisco de Asís, to observe its imposing tower of more than 60 meters high and one of the highest in the whole town. This religious enclosure is also known as the Church of the Jarritos, this due to its decoration, in which the popular clay vessels stand out.    


To delve into the gastronomy of Cuetzalan, Puebla, you can start in the world of coffee, since this Magical Town stands out for being one of the most important coffee regions in all of Mexico. Within its local gastronomy stand out dishes such as: tlacoyos, chicken in chiltepín sauce, jerky, moles, bean tamales, acamayas and the famous Xoco Atol, a popular fermented corn atole.  

Its nature  

To enjoy nature, a visit to the Xoxoctic Botanical Garden is mandatory, where creatures with wings fly over plants such as orchids, ferns and medicinal plants. In the same way, it is recommended to visit the caves of the small town, which allow you to immerse yourself in an adventure of the underground world; they have rock formations, lots of nature and corners to explore.   

Also noteworthy are the waterfalls of Cuetzalan, Puebla, as well as its rivers, perfect places to admire and photograph. Some of the most popular waterfalls are Las Hamacas and Las Brisas.   History And to learn more about its history, what better than to explore the archaeological zone of Yohualichan, a pre-Hispanic settlement that is a few minutes from the magical town and was built by Totonacs and Otomi in the second century, at the beginning of the classic period.    

Finally, it is unmissable to visit the Matachiuj Handicraft Market, where you can find all kinds of souvenirs to take home and remember the experience of the trip. It is a picturesque market located three blocks from the main square of Cuetzalan, where large families make handmade pieces and sell different traditional products such as huipil or rebozo. 

Enjoy the snow in Mexico

This season is marked by cold, hot drinks, colored lights on all sides and snow, although Mexico is not exactly characterized by snowfall, there are places where it is possible to enjoy them up close. For this reason, we recommend these destinations places where you can enjoy the low temperatures and other outdoor activities that you can enjoy the holidays in Mexico during the months of November and January. Look for accommodation now

Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosi 

Real del Catorce is known for its arid climate and high temperatures during the summer; however, in December and January it can register temperatures up to below 10°C, and this makes it the perfect setting for snow to fall and the landscape to be covered in white, especially if you go aboard a Willys and travel the stretch that goes from the city to 14 station. 

Mesa de las Tablas, Coahuila 

This small town is ideal for lovers of the cold, as temperatures of up to -18 ° C have been recorded, perfect to be locked in a cabin with a hot punch in your hands, while looking out the window at the landscape full of frosted pines. Although for the intrepid there are also options such as hiking in the mountains and discovering the magic of the site. 

Sombrerete, Zacatecas 

The location of this Magical Town characterized by its hills and picturesque streets, makes it the perfect setting for snowfall. Its main attraction is the Sierra Órganos, which is home to a wide range of flora and fauna that can be seen along its trails. Something else that has become a must are its “witches” and the mining enchiladas, as well as the Temple of Santo Domingo and the Chapel of Candelaria that, by themselves are already spectacular, but covered with snow are even more so and are worthy of a postcard to remember. 

Ajusco, CDMX 

The Mexican capital also has its own winter attraction, the Ajusco, being at a high level above the sea is prone to low temperatures and falling snow. That is why it has become the favorite of the capitals during this season. In addition to the landscape, it is the ideal place to practice extreme sports such as zip lining, ATV ride, mountaineering, gotcha and even motocross when conditions allow. 

San Jose de Gracia, Aguascalientes 

There are those who enjoy the cold, but not at extreme temperatures, in this Magical Town of Aguascalientes the snowfalls are short, but spectacular, especially if you rent a cabin in the mountains to live fully with nature, make a snowball war or make a doll that adorns the trail. 

The holy week in Mexico

As we know, Holy Week is a religious festival that commemorates the passion and death of Jesus, it is celebrated in many countries of the world with particular customs and different traditions; Mexico is one of the countries with the greatest religious fervor in the world, there is no doubt that celebrations of this nature are very traditionalist and with a lot of long-standing popular roots.  

How to celebrate holidays in Mexico?  

In Mexico, Holy Week begins on Friday of Sorrows (a Friday before Holy Week), a day on which the pain of the Virgin Mary is commemorated for the loss of her son Jesus Christ, on this feast the fountains are adorned with colored flowers, fruits and flags of black, purple and white paper picado; likewise many houses adorn their altars and some open their doors to the neighbors so that they see these altars dedicated to the Virgin Mary, when one visits these altars in the houses they are cordially received with fruits, ice cream and soft drinks of lettuce, banana and orange, very traditional at this time.    

First Sunday 

Sunday or also called palms is the date on which it is commemorated when Jesus is proclaimed by his people the King of Israel and makes his entrance to Jerusalem. At this time in many places in Mexico it is customary to buy woven palms that are sold outside the churches or parishes, these palms are taken to bless the churches and are taken to the different pilgrimages that there are by the different places of the city and in many provinces, it could be said that all the churches of Mexico participate in this ceremony.    


Holy Thursday is the date where the Last Supper is remembered, in many churches and parishes the passage of when Jesus washed the feet of the 12 apostles is staged, that day countless processions leave, the churches adorn their altars with flowers, fruits, flags and candles. Some people start fasting and others stop eating all kinds of red meat.  


Holy Friday is the day that the Way of the Cross is remembered, also in some this passage of the life of Jesus is staged, the processions continue, some congregations go out with their traditional habits and it is a national custom not to eat red meat.    


On the Saturday of Glory, the celebrations begin later, it is celebrated at night “The new fire”, this is done in a small procession carrying a representative light accompanied by prayers, this is done until reaching the church that will be illuminated with this light candle by candle, there are many churches around Mexico that follow this fascinating tradition.    


Easter Sunday or Resurrection is a more popular holiday, in some places paper dolls are burned representing Judas, who betrayed Jesus, for a few years also figures of characters repudiated by the people who are burned next to Judas.  

This ends the most important festival of the Catholic-Christian calendar in one of the most fervent and religious countries of the world, you cannot miss the traditional Mexican Holy Week, meet our lodging packages