Holidays in Mexico are getting closer, the most anticipated days off of the year; today we tell you about Cuetzalan a Magical Town of Puebla that stands out as one of the most beautiful in all of Mexico; do not miss the opportunity to meet it and live an unforgettable experience.    

Many of its visitors say that Cuetzalan seems to be taken from a fairy tale; it is hidden among waterfalls, underground rivers, ruins and grottoes that characterize it. Among its labyrinthine streets and beautiful facades, its inhabitants offer the best of welcomes to visitors. According to information taken from mexico’s tourism page, this destination is where one of Mexico’s most important birds was born; the Quetzal.    

Traveling to Cuetzalan, Puebla, is to venture into its culture, traditions and rituals, which bring the past to the present and show that they have managed to keep each of their traditions intact. One of the most outstanding tourist attractions are Los Voladores or Danza de los Quetzales, which was considered by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.    

What to do when visiting Cuetzalan, Puebla?  

An unmissable walk is to walk through its emblematic cobbled streets, where you can breathe nature and tranquility. During the weekends, many go to the traditional market located in the main square to put into practice pre-Hispanic traditions, such as barter or change of local products avoiding using money, a good option to start an adventure in this Magical Town of Puebla.     

Google also recommends visiting the House of Culture of Cuetzalan, an old house that currently houses the Calmahuistic Ethnographic Museum, where you can learn more about the history in the pre-Hispanic era of the town. Another unmissable and highly recommended place is the Temple of San Francisco de Asís, to observe its imposing tower of more than 60 meters high and one of the highest in the whole town. This religious enclosure is also known as the Church of the Jarritos, this due to its decoration, in which the popular clay vessels stand out.    


To delve into the gastronomy of Cuetzalan, Puebla, you can start in the world of coffee, since this Magical Town stands out for being one of the most important coffee regions in all of Mexico. Within its local gastronomy stand out dishes such as: tlacoyos, chicken in chiltepín sauce, jerky, moles, bean tamales, acamayas and the famous Xoco Atol, a popular fermented corn atole.  

Its nature  

To enjoy nature, a visit to the Xoxoctic Botanical Garden is mandatory, where creatures with wings fly over plants such as orchids, ferns and medicinal plants. In the same way, it is recommended to visit the caves of the small town, which allow you to immerse yourself in an adventure of the underground world; they have rock formations, lots of nature and corners to explore.   

Also noteworthy are the waterfalls of Cuetzalan, Puebla, as well as its rivers, perfect places to admire and photograph. Some of the most popular waterfalls are Las Hamacas and Las Brisas.   History And to learn more about its history, what better than to explore the archaeological zone of Yohualichan, a pre-Hispanic settlement that is a few minutes from the magical town and was built by Totonacs and Otomi in the second century, at the beginning of the classic period.    

Finally, it is unmissable to visit the Matachiuj Handicraft Market, where you can find all kinds of souvenirs to take home and remember the experience of the trip. It is a picturesque market located three blocks from the main square of Cuetzalan, where large families make handmade pieces and sell different traditional products such as huipil or rebozo. 

Magical towns: Do you know Cuetzalan, Puebla?
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