Pollo Campero is undoubtedly one of the most famous restaurants in that country with presence in different parts of the world. Its flavor has transcended borders, putting the name of Guatemala high. Learn more about the success of this company!

It was born in 1971 and celebrates 50 years of sharing its traditional flavor with Guatemalans. Since the beginning, local families began to taste their original fried chicken recipes characterized by being tender, juicy and crunchy.

Pollo Campero, a Guatemalan restaurant with worldwide presence

Global expansion: The restaurant’s second challenge

In the 1990s, Pollo Campero began its global expansion process within Latin America. A year after opening in Guatemala, they began their operations in El Salvador under the direction of a group of Guatemalan businessmen led by Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga

Pollo Campero entered the United States in 2002 and achieved, with immediate acceptance, sales records in the industry. The company then continued to grow and entered the European and Asian markets. In 2006 it entered Spain, in 2007 China, Indonesia and the Middle East. Today, Pollo Campero is present in 12 countries around the world, serving more than 80 million customers each year through a network of over 350 restaurants.

Their menu features a wide variety of products and over time they have added new specialties. From the traditional fried chicken, extra crispy chicken, roast, camperitos, wings bathed in different sauces, breakfast and much more.

Over time, the restaurant added new flavors and dishes, such as breakfast, chicken burgers, its popular Camperitos, Extra Crispy chicken and many more.

To celebrate 50 years of Pollo Campero they included the Nutella Banana flavor Pancake Towers that people have liked so much, also the new Caramelised Apple and Cream Cheese Peach flavors.

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Guatemala’s famous restaurant worldwide present
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