This season is marked by cold, hot drinks, colored lights on all sides and snow, although Mexico is not exactly characterized by snowfall, there are places where it is possible to enjoy them up close. For this reason, we recommend these destinations places where you can enjoy the low temperatures and other outdoor activities that you can enjoy the holidays in Mexico during the months of November and January. Look for accommodation now

Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosi 

Real del Catorce is known for its arid climate and high temperatures during the summer; however, in December and January it can register temperatures up to below 10°C, and this makes it the perfect setting for snow to fall and the landscape to be covered in white, especially if you go aboard a Willys and travel the stretch that goes from the city to 14 station. 

Mesa de las Tablas, Coahuila 

This small town is ideal for lovers of the cold, as temperatures of up to -18 ° C have been recorded, perfect to be locked in a cabin with a hot punch in your hands, while looking out the window at the landscape full of frosted pines. Although for the intrepid there are also options such as hiking in the mountains and discovering the magic of the site. 

Sombrerete, Zacatecas 

The location of this Magical Town characterized by its hills and picturesque streets, makes it the perfect setting for snowfall. Its main attraction is the Sierra Órganos, which is home to a wide range of flora and fauna that can be seen along its trails. Something else that has become a must are its “witches” and the mining enchiladas, as well as the Temple of Santo Domingo and the Chapel of Candelaria that, by themselves are already spectacular, but covered with snow are even more so and are worthy of a postcard to remember. 

Ajusco, CDMX 

The Mexican capital also has its own winter attraction, the Ajusco, being at a high level above the sea is prone to low temperatures and falling snow. That is why it has become the favorite of the capitals during this season. In addition to the landscape, it is the ideal place to practice extreme sports such as zip lining, ATV ride, mountaineering, gotcha and even motocross when conditions allow. 

San Jose de Gracia, Aguascalientes 

There are those who enjoy the cold, but not at extreme temperatures, in this Magical Town of Aguascalientes the snowfalls are short, but spectacular, especially if you rent a cabin in the mountains to live fully with nature, make a snowball war or make a doll that adorns the trail. 

Enjoy the snow in Mexico
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