Gastronomy is one of the important reasons to travel to Mexico. When it comes to good food, Mexico is one of the best in the world. Join us to discover these gastronomic destinations in Mexico that if you are a foodie, you will love them!


Sinaloa is the first of the list of our gastronomic destinations in Mexico is also known as “The Granary of Mexico” is a state of riches of sea and land, which offers us with the same generosity a succulent chilorio or a machaca as some shrimp meatballs or pork tamales.  

It has a wide variety of unique dishes, which vary according to the region and the proximity to the sea. In terms of fame, its best-known specialties are those whose main ingredient is meat, such as chilorio, machaca and barbecue; followed by those with marine products, such as ceviche, aguachile and seafood cocktails. Other must-sees are pork beans, Sinaloa-style chicken and barley water. A delight!    


The gastronomy of Puebla is famous all over the world, because thanks to its pre-Hispanic and conventual influences, it gave us iconic dishes such as chiles en nogada, mole poblano with rice and delicious sweets. Among its most famous options are also preparations based on corn and wheat, such as cemitas, chalupas, memelas, molotes and other sinful snacks. For a sweet finish, this gastronomic destination in Mexico has a succulent selection of desserts, many created by nuns, such as rompope, sweet potatoes and Pancakes from Santa Clara.    


The result of its indigenous and Spanish past, its menu includes delicacies such as tortas ahogadas, birria, pozole, and of course, tequila. Of all their appetizing dishes, the cakes drowned in virote bread, stuffed with pork, and dipped in tomato sauce and tree chili – have a special reputation throughout the country. In addition to the above, the state has other options worth trying, such as green beans and ash tamales, charro beans, sweet jericallas and tejuino, a drink based on fermented corn dough and piloncillo, salt and lemon.  


The beautiful Oaxaca falls in love with both its colors and its tradition, qualities present in its spectacular culinary specialties, such as tlayudas, mole, tamales, chocolate and mezcal. Here, the influence of the past and modern techniques come together to create a sublime menu, in which the stars are the mole in any of its varieties, the quesillo, insects, mezcal, coffee, chocolate and fried snacks. A feast of flavors and aromas like no other!    


With flavors inherited from the Mayans, Spanish traditions and Porfirian elegance, Yucatecan gastronomy is one of the great stars of the gastronomic sky, with stews such as cochinita pibil and lime soup. Here, in diners, inns and restaurants, the menu includes papadzules, panuchos, salbutes, poc chuc, stuffed cheese, and pheasant, wild boar and venison roasts. For dessert, the marquesitas stuffed with ball cheese take the palms, followed by the sweet green papaya, the poor gentleman (capirotada type) and the aromatic honey liqueur Xtabentún. 

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Destinations for food lovers in Mexico
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