You are planning a trip to South America and you are not sure whether you would go to Chile or Costa Rica. Both these countries are very different in many ways and also similar in many ways. If you are planning to stay in hotels in Latam, you can easily have the access to both of these but to be specific, both of these are better in terms of natural beauty, both have beaches, and both have forests.

Costa Rica has more of jungles, and it is a simple piece of land. People think that the crime ratio is higher in Costa Rica and the people are not much civilized. The historical values of Costa Rica are also not as strong as those of Chile as the residents are not originally from that place, they are mostly Jamaican immigrants or mostly Spanish and Indian mixtures.

Chile on the other hand is stretched along the ocean for many miles and its is the main attraction of tourists because of diversity of venues available for travelling. There are many things from jungles to mountains, glaciers, grassland, rainforests and beaches. Some of the best things about Chile are discussed below.Chile Maple caves

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Maple caves

These are located in the southern part of Chile. There is a probability that most people have seen their pictures on internet where it says, places to visit before you die, honestly this is some of the best visual experiences one can have.

Chile Atacama Desertin

This is the driest desert of the world, but at the same time it has many things to offer. There is a valley called as moon valley. This gives an amazing visual experience. There is option for sand boarding here and there are flamingos which add colors to the desert. In the evenings, the volcanos, sunset and night sky scenes are also worth watching.

O’Higgins lake

This is one of the best places to visit in Chile as this is very difficult to go there and come out. This place has not many residents but going there is completely worth it. The area is usually rural so getting there is very hard and there are chances that you will not find many tourists there.


From the discussion above, we can conclude that both of them are not bad for a vacation but if you are looking for a better traveling and vacation experience then Chile will be a better option for you. Moreover, if you are planning to get hotels in Latam, you can easily have the access to both of the places. Still, Chile having better cultural values and overall better travel destinations should be the priority as there are various spots throughout the country.

Costa Rica vs Chile, vacation spot for 2020