Puebla is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations for two reasons. Being a World Heritage City, this place has a lot to offer. Puebla combines the hustle and bustle of a large city with impressive architecture and beautiful hotels in Puebla.

Puebla is famous for its traditional cuisine, colorful pottery, friendly weather and colonial architecture. It is the fourth largest city in modern Mexico and was the first city to be exclusively built by Spanish settlers. Being one of the largest cities of Mexico, it is full of beautiful and must to visit places. However, visiting all these places might not be possible in a single trip. If you are planning a tour, here is a list of best 5 places to visit.  Let’s have a look at these places one by one

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Each center of Mexico City is called Zocalo. It is a place with the highest concentration of people and architectural stones. Central Plaza of Zocalo is lined with Baroque Puebla’s Cathedral, Renaissance, colonial houses, City Hall, and beautiful hotels in Puebla.

Temple of San Francisco

This is a must to visit temple while you are looking for the best places to visit. Temple de San Francisco is a colorful and very different from the other churches you can see. This makes it worth visiting.

Church of Santo Domingo

Church of Santo Domingo is a beautiful church. Besides admiring its exterior, there is another reason to visit this monument. The Rosario church in this church is one of the most luxurious ornate churches you will ever see.

Museum of the Baroque in Puebla

Baroque museum has clean lines and it seems that it does not belong here in Puebla. The museum was designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito, and even if you don’t plan on entering it, it’s exterior is also worth a visit.

Fuertes de Loreto y Guadalupe

Two fortresses were built at the top of Cerro Acueyametepec, Fort Guadalupe and Fort Loreto to defend Puebla in the 19th century against the French invaders. You can walk around the complex and imagine what it looked like here for centuries.  

Is very close to the CDMX, it is a traditional stop on the route of almost all travelers, and it is the first place where visitors can get an idea of ​​Mexican colonial cities. Consider the list of best places to visit to enjoy your trip.  Is a popular weekend gateway for locals in Mexico. Make sure to consider beautiful hotels in Puebla to book one in advance.

Best places to visit in Puebla 2020