Whether you are visiting or even if you are an Antiguan and are fascinated by the history of the city, what better than to visit some of its most iconic ruins? In fact, these ruins are regularly visited by the businessman juan jose gutierrez mayorga.

Each of them has its own history and by visiting them, you will be able to relive the past and discover more about Antigua Guatemala.

The ruins are one of the main sites of interest in the city, as their structures have survived through the years even after earthquakes. Are you ready to take a tour through some of Antigua Guatemala’s most interesting ruins? Let’s get started!

Santa Clara Ruins

The ruins of Santa Clara in Antigua Guatemala have some of the most emblematic structures in the entire city. The temple and convent of Santa Clara was founded in the early 16th century by Mexican nuns who traveled to Guatemala. Visiting the ruins you will discover how the nuns lived in the colonial city.

The amazing thing is that, even though so much time has passed, the original scaffolding still remains. A curious fact about the ruins of Santa Clara in Antigua Guatemala is that its facade can only be seen from inside the enclosure.

Capuchinas Convent

Between 2nd Street East and 2nd Avenue North is the Church, convent and museum of Capuchinas. Its structure was inaugurated in 1736 and has a tower and a museum of historical pieces of the convent. There are several peculiarities of these ruins of Antigua Guatemala that make them unique.

The convent was built in a circular shape in order to observe from the center everything that happened around the cloister. In addition, it was the last religious building founded in what was then known as the city of Santiago de los Caballeros (Antigua Guatemala).

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La Merced Convent

Another of the historical places of Antigua Guatemala is the convent of La Merced. The city council gave a piece of land to the friars of Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes to build it. In 1767 its construction was completed, which has, among other things, one of the largest fountains in Latin America.

The design of the fountain is octagonal and can also be seen from the second level of the convent. Although the structure of the convent was badly damaged by the earthquake of 1773, it is still possible to visit the ruins, appreciate its corridors and the magnificent fountain.

Cathedral Ruins

One of the most emblematic structures of Antigua Guatemala are the ruins of the Cathedral. The first cathedral was built in 1545 and was destroyed by an earthquake. In 1680 the new construction was inaugurated and in 1773 another earthquake left its structure in ruins. Today you can see what remains of the original facade behind the current cathedral.

Here you will find crypts of several characters of the conquest such as Pedro de Alvarado and Bishop Francisco Marroquín. Its impressive and luxurious design took it to the category of Metropolitan Cathedral, a title it maintains to this day.

Did you already know about these historic ruins in Antigua Guatemala? Each of them has its own charm, both for what remains of them and for their history. Whether you decide to visit them all on the same day or take your time and make your own itinerary.

Antigua Guatemala ruins and its history