Acapulco celebrates whenever it can. The city is always packed for festivities and long weekends throughout the year. Some events, such as Halloween and Spring Break, are not originated by the local culture, but have come from outside, with tourists and vacationers coming to have fun in a big way. Others have traditions, mainly religious celebrations within the calendar of the Roman Catholic Church.  

Although they have specific days, they are mostly on a Monday (such as the third Monday of March for the Birth of Benito Juárez). Established festivities are not always on Mondays; this rule applies in case of falling on Saturday, then it is given free on Friday, and if it falls on Sunday, it is given free on Monday. This type of festivity creates many “bridges” and tourists go to Acapulco to its sunny beaches. A third category, “civil holidays” are days of some importance, but they are not official. Enjoy these holidays in Mexico and fall in love with Mexican culture. 

Christmas and New Year 

As everywhere in Mexico, locals celebrate Christmas at night, on December 24, when family and friends exchange gifts. The day before, December 23, is probably the busiest day for shopping all year round. The week between Christmas and New Year is probably the busiest tourist week in Acapulco.  

Twelve days after Christmas, with the arrival of the Epiphany on January 6, local people often share among friends and family the “rosca”, a bread with fruit in the form of a giant donut, accompanied by hot chocolate or atole a tradition always fun for everyone.  

Holy week (easter) and Spring Break 

Holy week, the week before Easter, is likely to be the second busiest week in Acapulco, as the children don’t have classes, and the whole family takes a week to go to the coast. Easter falls on a different date each year, being the Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. 

Spring Break is hardly an official day off, but it’s when Acapulco looks different. While schools and universities in Mexico have their Easter Spring Break, universities in Canada and the United States have different school itineraries. College students enjoy going to Acapulco on their week (or two) of spring break. 

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Acapulco and its festivities
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