Mexico is famous for its beaches and its beautiful location. Mexico beaches are full of natural beauty and they can provide you with a very relaxing environment of your desire. There are many beaches in Mexico you can visit during your stay. However, it depends on your mood and personality which type of beach you are going to love the most.

There are many types of beaches including relaxing and private beaches, popular and crowded beaches, beaches that are safe for children and families, etc.

Top 5 crowded beaches you should not miss in Mexico

If you are planning to visit Mexico anytime soon you have to gather all the information about Mexico beaches. We will discuss some of the most important and popular beaches present in Mexico that are going to make your memorable and enjoyable.

1.      CancĂșn

This is one of the most popular beach towns present in Mexico City. You can not only enjoy your days at beaches but you will also come across many other activities. It has playground and fun areas for the kids so that they can enjoy along with you. It is the safest beach town in Mexico which is always crowded as it is popular among tourists. You can visit this place if you want to make the most out of your stay in Mexico.

2.      Sayulita

This is also one of the popular and crowded beaches present in Mexico. It is best for people who want to enjoy water sport activities and surfing. This beach is mostly popular on the surface because this is the most prominent thing you are going to notice about it once you visit this beach.

 The water is very clear and it is perfect for diving and other activities. If you want to indulge yourself in the popular and thrilling water sport activities you should visit this beach.

3.      La Paz

If you want to enjoy nature at its fullest this is the beach for you. You have to visit this place if you are staying in Mexico. You are going to come across a lot of people which is healthy to make interactions. You can also enjoy the beautiful nature and crystal clear water on the beach.

4.      Playa del Carmen

This is the most popular and beautiful beach present in entire Mexico. If you are traveling with your partner or your family this is the beach you should never miss. It is populated yet it has something very peaceful about it. You can watch the sunset from the horizon and also enjoy the best weather at the location.

5.      Punta Mita

This beach is for people who want to enjoy luxury and fun. You can come across luxurious facilities at the location of the beach. Many tourists visit this beach every year because of the perfect environment and surroundings. You can enjoy nature along with having access to all the luxuries.


Mexico is well known for its beaches and Mexico’s beaches are popular for their natural beauty. You should visit the crowded and popular beaches of Mexico to come across new people you can interact with. This will make your stay in Mexico more enjoyable and fun.

5 most crowded beaches to visit in Mexico
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