When it comes to the best bio-bubble security the hotels in Mexico never disappoints. Some serious measures have been taken by the hotels and resorts in Mexico in order to keep everyone safe and sound. Alongside to help in stopping the pandemic spread.

The finest sanitation measures have also been taken by the hotels in Mexico. They enhanced their cleaning and sanitation standards to ensure that no bacterial DNAs are active that might help in increasing the pandemic spread.

Let’s dig deep and find out the 5 best sanitation tips that are taken by the hotels in Mexico that we all need to learn and imply.


  • The hotels in Mexico are using the 3M products that are approved for the SARS-CoV-2 by the United States Environmental protection Agency (EPA). The disinfecting measures are also enhanced by keeping every floor and every place of the hotels clean and sanitized every three hours to make sure that there are no active germs.

  • Implementation of the N-95 masks and disposable latex gloves for the hotel staff, management and also for everyone that is staying at the hotel. Antibacterial gel stations are also installed in every public place and on every floor of the floor along with the safety measures signs to help remind everyone about the SOPs

  • Distancing measures are also enhanced after the pandemic. A smaller number of people are allowed in different zones including the hotel lobby, fitness centres, etc. to maintain social distancing and avoid human interaction. Every person is tested before entering the hotel for the virus and is only allowed to enter if tested negative.

  • Disposable food and beverages are also implemented by hotels in Mexico to avoid human interaction. No room service will be available and the Menu will only be available on the television. Ice machines for the customers will also be disabled and the customers can take the delivery of ice from the staff anytime.

  • The rooms are cleaned after every checkout and proper sanitation takes place in order to deactivate the bacteria that might be present. Once the housekeeping staff is done with cleaning the room will be visibly sealed with a sticker to confirm that the room is completely cleaned and sanitized using the 3M products.


Looking to enhance your safety measures and want to know what the hotels in Mexico do in order to maintain and enhance their safety measures? Then you are reading the right piece of article. We will provide you with the top 5 tips that you can use to enhance your safety measures. Keep reading and you will be amazed after knowing the pro tips.

5 best sanitation practices in hotels in Mexico we all need to learn from