Covid-19 has greatly affected our lives. We do not know when it will be completely safe to travel. But we do know that it might take a long time and until then we must keep us and our families safe during traveling and hotel stays.

Tips to help you keep safe in hotels

 The following are some crucial tips to keep you safe during this pandemic.

Use of mask and wash your hands

The most important thing is always to keep your mouth and nose covered. Safe hotels in cdmx and other parts have made it mandatory to wear masks in any kind of public gathering. You should also sanitize your hands at regular intervals. Sanitizers are easily available in hotels or you can buy one.

This virus is transmitted by air so wearing a mask will ensure you do not catch the virus from someone you are talking to during traveling.

Keep your distance

Maintain your distance from everybody. Even if you are wearing a mask, you should not go near anybody. This will greatly help to reduce the spread of coronavirus. You should always maintain two meters distance and do not go outside at all if you are feeling unwell.

Be cautious of the location of the hotel

You should check the location of the hotels before staying. There are many safe hotels in cdmx if you travel there but anywhere else you must pay attention to the surroundings and notice if the area is hot in coronavirus cases. Do not use public transport much.

If you are attending a business conference or meeting, then you should book hotels that are within walking distance. This will greatly reduce the chance of you getting coronavirus.

Do not use shared facilities

Avoid using facilities that you might have to share among multiple people. Although these places are regularly cleaned, they are not cleaned after every customer and there is still a chance you might get COVID-19. There are many hotels like safe hotels in cdmx that have closed the restaurants and you can only order room service.


This virus can spread very easily so you always must be very careful and especially during traveling. At that time, you are a much higher risk of getting COVID-19. If you were looking for tips to keep you safe during hotel stays, then I hope we are able to help you a lot.

4 Tips to keep hotels safe in pandemic